Static Colonies
Artist T.V.
30 Sec. Slots

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People from a wide range of ages will be using this service.
So keep your submission tasteful.

This service is for artists to share their material with others.
Link submissions should be set up as auto-start presentations.
Media should be automatically started when the site is visited.

Use your Time Slot wisely:

Don't promote a 5 minute presentation with a 30 or 60 minute time slot.

Some Example Material to Share Here:

Music, Music Video, Indie Movies and Animation, Poetry Readings,
Audio Book, Stand Up Comedy, Still Image Art Slideshows

Terms and Conditions:

  • Your website must not contain any popups.
  • Your website must not break out of frame.
  • More than one account is not allowed.
  • Your website submission must have automatically streaming media

    If you do not follow the above terms....
    Your account will either be deleted or your site will be deactivated.

    Note To Non-Artist Advertisers:

    If you want to advertise on this network.....
    Contact one of the artists in the "Media Label" section.
    Your commercial can be tastefully included within an artists submission.
    (Terms of including your advertisement with an artist varies between artists)
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