Getting Started

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Static Colonies Monetized Link Area is Free! So what have you got to lose? Nothing! You've got plenty to gain with this opportunity so go for it and if you have any questions feel free by sending us a comment.

Bullet Point1. Create Links

Converting links...

  Converting those bland links that aren't making you penny has never been easier! It's as simple as copying and pasting... Now who doesn't know how-to do that?!

Bullet Point2. Manage Links

  This is where you can delete those links you may have made a mistake on. Any who you can delete any of your links in the Manage Links section!

Bullet Point3. GET PAID!

  Details of your earnings are displayed here. This is also where you request a payment on the money you made from Static Colonies. Just add your Paypal payment information and transfer available funds to your account instantly.

  It's That easy with Static Colonies! In three easy steps you're on your way to converting those links into cash!