Hide These Ads:

This program uses your keyboard and mouse function automatically.

Because of this, some virus scanners give you warnings about it.

This program will attempt to go through your social network feed and opt you out of advertisments.

It is for desktop only.

You will need windows, not mac.

You need to have a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080

It will not work if the screen resolution is incorrect.

You need to have the chrome browser opened, full screen.

You need to have the page loaded to your feed.

Your screen zoom must be default.

To stop the program, Press "CTRL+Q"

This is a test program, feedback is appreciated (such as where it is messing up if it does)

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD  "Hide_These_Ads.zip"

(Unzip the files, run the exe)

( Contact: http://staticcolonies.com/rural/homestead/members/graphicloser/ )