Game Rules

Rules and Information on how to play:

“Static Colonies – Musical Chairs”

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How to buy Tickets / Notes:

Notes are the games playing tokens.
Notes are bought using PayPal using the form located in the “Buy Notes” tab.

Currently the minimum number of notes that can be bought at a time is 5 Notes.

Each Note costs $2.00

How to use Notes:

Notes are used to buy items from the games store.
One Note can buy one item from the store.
Each Purchase has a Digital Receipt.
Each Receipt has an Order Number on it.
Each Order Number, for every Purchase, is Randomized.

How to play:

The Order Number on the Receipt is the gaming number.
On a scheduled basis, an offline number generator will generate the winning number.

The generated number will be posted on the website.

If the Generated Number matches an active Order Number, that person wins the Jackpot.

After each game, all current order numbers are void and can not be used in future games.

How to collect winnings:

Winnings are automatically transferred to the winners account in the form of “Notes”.

The Winner has 90 Days from the date that the Jackpot Notes are transferred to their account to Convert and Transfer them off the site.

Notes, upon request, and by default, are converted and transferred to a cryptocurrancy of the users choice.

During the winnings transfer arrangement process, a private “cryptocurrency exchange” can be arranged where the winner allows the site operator to buy their notes from them before it is transferred to the winners cryptocurrency account/wallet.

This “Note Purchase” can be in the form of account transfer, PayPal, or even Money Order.


Due to the digital nature of these products, we do not accept refunds.