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Heated debates online, good simulator for how shit works offline.. People hiding behind a fake care of the feelings of children. As if that gives them the right to act like asses.. I’ll say whatever. The kids need to hear it too. They need to hear that they are being used as shields so that they can learn not to be tools. I say “If your gonna open your mouth here.. Don’t expect special treatment.”..  I’ll even think of bitching out an old lady. Your age won’t save you from the flying opinion.   Ohh.. But now you are sad.. Well.. Sorry you are sad.. Go play a game. Don’t Fucken debate of you can’t take an opposing viewpoint..   Haha. Oh but why you do mad? I can take your opposing viewpoint. No problem. I just disagree. And we can have a back And forth on it but yeah.. Don’t expect to seriously understand or accept the other viewpoint on the spot.. That usually takes some time to Can you believe some lady was seriously going to try to tell someone’s employer on them because try didn’t like how they were acting at a protest?   Are you Fucken serious?

Upgraded Studio

StudioDels3 300x63 Upgraded Studio

  Some major upgrades have been applied to the media services and you can have these upgrades used on your material for as low as $20.00 as a basic service. A larger budget will allow for more time to be spent on your project but $20.00 will get you started with something as basic as a recorded video from your cell phone.

  As a barter service, if you supply a solar panel, you will be credited with an additional 30% credit towards your project on top of the cost, plus shipping, of the panel.

  For example: If you send a solar panel with a cost of 80 Dollars, and a shipping cost of 20 Dollars, you will be credited with 130 Dollars of service. Purchase and shipping receipts from an independent 3rd party must be included with delivery and you should clear the panel transaction with:

A preferred panel retailer may exist.

Solar panels are the preferred barter item but additional items will be considered.

Portfolio and service examples will be set up in the near future.

Salvaged Parts from the

[ Basic Parts Package ] If you are planning on building your own vessel to participate in the featured activities, you will need some equipment. This bundled deal contains several parts you will need to maintain some level of compatibility. This is not a complete vessel, only parts you will need to incorporate into the vessel you have built or bought. If you require support on delivering your vessel to the launch site, contact the:   [Transportation Department]. All Sales Are Final! This Package Includes: Eco-Go Propulsion Basic Mast & Sail Backup Propulsion Infrared Laser Weapons & Sensor System Assorted Communications Equipment Assorted Robotics Parts Artificial Intelligence Crewman Programmable Automated Navigation System Emergency Recovery Assistance Device Cost:  $20,000.00 Free Shipping Contact Shipyard To Arrange Purchase.

Want To Build Your Own Remote Access Ship?

   This is currently unavailable, and this description is very generalized, not intended to be a complete detailed overview, but plans are being explored to allow interested parties the ability to create their own remote access ships to participate in cleaning up the ocean.

   Some of the associated details of this plan include allowing independent vessel owners the ability to profit from collecting the material and depositing the material into collection areas.

  It might be worth it to people doing voucher expeditions to buy pre-collected plastic from collection site operating teams who can distribute the profits according to the rules of their collection site. Energy is used to recover the material, and buying pre-collecting the material for voucher expedition teams would save them those resources.

  Material collected from the collection areas, for the purpose of using locally, is free for local use, under the direction of the Recycling Coordination Office.

 Currently suggested layouts for this project include a Satellite Internet connection combined with Wifi extenders to provide the connection service needed to allow users to gain access to their units with remote access controls.

  Prices to use the satellite connections to the units can vary depending on who control that service point. It could be a pre-paid setup where users pay for the time they access their units, or everyone with access to the service can get a service plan and split the service plan according to their agreements.

  It is an expensive proposition, but buying an Internet Satellite that is already in space is a possibility and would provide connection services at a lower cost.

  Abandoned units that, for some reason, are unable to have a connection established to them, are open to salvage operations after 30 days of the detected connection error. Salvaged units  might be repaired and reintroduced to the area. 

 When not logged in, the units will perform automated tasks.

 Units can be as cheap or as expensive as their design allows, but some uniformity will be needed with some parts of the design. Some of the pieces that will be required to participate with this program can be sold on the website, but generally the design of the ship is up to those who make it, and a unit doesn’t need to be equipped with every option of equipment, only the ones the designer wants to include.

  It would be possible for multiple people to invest in a unit to share and for them to share connection access to that unit. Perhaps sponsorship for a unit can be obtained. 

  It might be possible to equip units with “laser tag” weapons and sensors for war simulations. It shouldn’t be very difficult to set up some kind of rank and score system. 

  The term “Unit” is used because not everything needs to be in the form of a boat. A unit can also be a free floating piece of equipment that does a specialized task to assist the units resembling boats.

 An Artificial Intelligence program can be installed on the unit to help with the automation tasks. Additionally, the Artificial Intelligence profile can be customized to some extent to the unit designers specifications, creating not only an automated working unit, but giving it a personal personality, name, opinions, etc.

  The details on this project are still being laid out. There is also a few specialized software programs that need to be funded before anything could be installed on the units to make them work together.

  The software requirements were analyzed by several developers and the general quote for the software project was between 10 and 15 thousand dollars. There are some systems that can be used to some effect that are cheaper in their initial installation but because those systems are owned by other companies.  Adding new features, custom updates, and changing the software isn’t usually possible with other companies software. Something like this requires access to the source code to make changes as needed.

 If you would like to contribute financially, or otherwise, to “S.C.A.P.E”, contact the switchboard at:

  The best way to help fund Static Colonies projects is to use our NameCoin address, but, if you would like to play your hand at earning some Bit Coins, in our verified secure “Static Wage Casino“, be our guest.

Be aware though that a percentage of any profits the casino may generate for our efforts is transfered to the casino to cover their security costs and interests.

Static Colonies NameCoin address is: