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    Fyi.. I saw Facebook has been trying to get into a type of “Crypto currency” and trying tonget into “Dating”.. This site has had those features for like… what.. almost 2 years now? StaticCoins is the sites centeralized currency, only good and works on this site.. It was in this social network section but has been moved to the Micronations area… The music store also uses a similar centralized digital currency called “notes”.. And the dating site is just there being updated and improved… Ok, ok, ok… Facebook is doing it differently.. they have a more equipment and funds to pull in other… but yeah… we did that already… It’s cool though.. Imitation is a form of flattery and this isn’t the first time someone has run off with ideas we made public,.. or even in private to potential developers who turned down the work but then ran off with the idea to make their own version…. enjoy.