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    There is now a point system for commenting and creating new topics in groups. You also get a free “daily visit” point just for logging in and checking your account. You can trade in these points for “Non-Merchant” banner space. Eventually there will be a series of side menu banner spaces. One of these banner spaces will be dedicated to banners that were earned with the participation points. The other banner spaces will be for the “$1.00 a Year Advertising” also known as “Banner4ABuck”. All of the banner advertisements on the site are displayed randomly. This site doesn’t track you under the disguise of “collecting data for advertising purposes”. And besides, private research shows that the “targeted marketing” method usually shows you products that you already looked for, which is wasted advertising. Advertisers end up paying to show people products that they already found! It seems to make more sense, in my opinion at least, that advertisers will have a better chance at reaching a new audience if the banners are displayed at random, to everyone, cheaply. Of course, the lack of data collection means there isn’t a fancy page for advertisers to watch their ad campaign.. But, in my humble opinion, that is all unnecessary. The goal for advertisers is to get their advertisement out there, to new people, so that they can be directed to the page with the goods and services or whatever else the advertisement is designed to promote.