The Moon Is My Home

Version 6.29.21

Current Happenings:

— Several new members have joined. We look forward to helping bring them up to speed.

— Apparently out “Moon Capitol” has been attacked..  Not very well mind you..  but it seems some blocks have been damaged. From what I can tell nothing of value was lost.

— Icesak has been promoted, and already demoted as a faction leader. He is still a respected member of the Faction but there were some misuses of options that the “Leader” role has that should not have been used.

— I’ve seen that some members have somehow obtained some damaged ships and are repairing them.

— The member “Ominous Boom” has taken on the responsibility as the factions “Uranium Banker”. Try not to get too greedy with your requests..  It is a rare element.

— GPS Coordinates to resources are being added to the forum.


Version 6.18.21

Current Happenings:

— The safe zone on the Moon was unable to maintain it’s power requirements and the safezone went down. The base has been destroyed.

— Moon Society has left the faction “APL – Apollo” due to its faction leader being involved in some unsavory practices.

— Moon Society has created its own faction” )O( – Moon Society”

— Admission is automatic but the faction spawning zone is only a small underground base on the moon. Reason for this under developed spawn point is because espionage is a thing with factions and instant new members can’t be trusted with valuable assets.

— Because in game mail boxes do not exist, and faction members may not be on all the time. It is suggested to send messages here and connect with other faction members through this social network.


Version: 6.14.21

Current Happenings:

— A Safe Zone has been established on the Moon. It is expensive to run, costing roughly 2.7 Million SC a day and uses much hydrogen and solar power. Although hardly used for any official purpose, it is a symbol of our mission of bringing peace to the moon.

— New Moon Residents are entitled to a free utility ship called a “Moon Mouse”. Contact Gov. Herman Toothrot to arrange delivery.

— A Battle/Events area on the Moon is almost complete. It has been said that without War there can be no Peace. Therefore if we must have War on the Moon, we will have a designated spot for it so that the rest of the Moon may have Peace. If you can see the “Battle Events” Beacon, you are within the Event Zone. There will be 2 Broadcasts, one to let people know they are within firing range of the Event Zone, and one to let people know they are within the Event Zone. Please keep battles within the Event Zone so that other Engineers and Ships outside do not get harmed.

— Please to announce new resource helpers from “Erf” have dedicated a supply depot to donate towards Moon Society activities. As well as other new Moon Residents taking interest in mapping asteroids and locating ore deposits.