The Black Hole Event

Moon Society is hosting a new event called “The Black Hole


How to Enter:

Contact: Gov. Herman Toothrot

What is it?:

“The Black Hole” is an event where two opponents battle each other to the death.

What happens to the loser?:

The loser deletes all grids they own, including alt accounts..  everything is lost, the black hole takes all!..  they change their name, are a totally new character, new reputation, new “person”..  ALL past transgressions are forgiven..  Or..  they delete all their grids and leave the server forever.

What happens to the winner?:

The winner continues as normal.

Is there a prize?:

The event is commemorated with a graphic we post about the details of the event. That is all.

Will it be recorded?:

Sure, if someone records it.

Additional Details:

Opponents will not be officially informed of who they are facing.

Combat ship PCU limit is 20,000 PCU.

Repair Welders are not allowed.

Ships are inspected before the event to verify PCU.

Winner is declared after players death, surrender, or retreat.

There must be a winner and loser.

Once a person submits to the event, they can not revoke their request.

Failure to participate once a person has agreed to participate is disqualification, which is a loss.

In the event that someone interferes with the event, the interfering person has decided to be a participant of “The Black Hole” and has not followed the rules of conduct..  and is therefore disqualified.. This is a loss, and they must follow the rules of loss accordingly. The other participants may retreat and their battle rescheduled as soon as they are able to.

It is requested that the participants of the event have an extra seat available for a witness to sit in and do a screen recording.  If this interferes with design it is requested that they do a screen recording themselves so that we can put together a side by side video of the fight showing it from both participants ships.

In the case that a participant uses a borrowed ship for the battle, and loses. The borrowed ship must also be deleted.

Participating ships must not have Survival Kits or other Respawn locations.

The loser of the event is expected to delete everything, or give it away, permanently, without the expectations of inhariting it in their next life.

All GPS cords are to be deleted by the losing player, including saved files with GPS lists. (The Black Hole Takes Everything!)

Once a person submits their participation request, they can’t talk about it. (They are supposed to remain an unknown participant until the event happens)

Spectators are welcome.