Public Notice About Engineer

This is a notice to all the good Engineers in the Keen NA #1 Server regarding a Terroristic Drifter by the name: Flight1700

In the past I have heard negative rumors about this particular person and took it with a grain of salt. There are many people who have personal vendettas against specific users for one purpose or another, and I simply attributed these rumors about Flight1700 to actions due to various past events they were involved in.

Before these below described events I would say my relationship with Flight1700 was somewhere between 50/100 to 80/100. I helped him find users who he claimed had wronged him, he provided me with materials for a jump drive, we had social gatherings at the “Mecs” station by the moon. Everything seemed normal.

On July 10th 2021 I ( Gov. Herman Toothrot ) had invited Flight1700 to participate in an Organized PVP event.  He was bragging about how he wins so many fights, how he likes battles, etc. I figured he would want to participate. He disregarded the request and instead became belligerent.

On July 11th 2021 I had a Service and Maintenance ship nearby while I was outside working on a community bulletin board satellite. A caution beacon was activated to let other players in the area know I was there and that the ship was armed so they wouldn’t get hurt trying to investigate.

I was currently in other programs with the game running in the background, designing LCD screen artwork, and when I had returned to the game my ship was being attack by the battleship owned by Flight1700.

The maintenance ship was disabled relatively quickly, as it was simply a glass box on a conveyor junction frame and not intended for actual battle.

Let this be a notice to all the good Engineers in the Server that this users claims of “massive wins” and “great battles” consist of attacking maintenance and service ships, ships where the user is not in the cockpit, afk, or offline. He has no respect for the sanctity of organized combat, and when invited to organized PVP events, he is quick to either make excuses as to why he can’t participate, or ignores the request all together.

There is a reason why combat athletes in events such as “Martial Arts”, “Boxing” and even entertainment “Wrestling” gain great respect and praise…¬† while the average thug on the street gets nothing but distain and disrespect from society.

Moon Societies mission is to help new players and the ship that was lost was an important asset to that mission. It has supplied several thousands of units of materials to help new players get started on the server and the loss of this ship means that our ability to provide service has been hindered.

A declaration has been made throughout the server that Flight1700 is to be stripped of all respect and honor. Deserving no communication other than taunts, insults, and mockery, and for the safety of the good Engineers in the system, he is to be found and dismantled upon discovery. For his lack of respect of organized combat, and his choice to choose ambushes of service vehicles over consensual battles, all ethical  restraints are lifted when dealing with him.

— Gov. Herman Toothrot [ Moon Society Founder ]