*Earn Points Now!*

homesteadpiggybank 300x245 *Earn Points Now!*

You can earn a small amount of points on this site by doing simple activities, such as logging in daily, sharing pictures, commenting on posts, etc.

Some actions on the site cost a handful of points.

Other actions cost a lot of points.

Here are the 2 ways to earn the most amount of points on the site:

1: Watching Ads:

By using the Ads system, you will earn 25 points every time you go through the ads cycle.

Please note that we don’t control these ads, and some of the advertisers require that you allow notifications to their site to progress to the final page.

If you are going to use the advertisement method, you should be familiar with how to remove notification privilege’s from your browser.

It is a simple process, and instructions for how to remove these sites notifications from most browsers is posted on the return page after viewing the advertisement.


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2: Referring Your Friends:

The second best option on the site for earning points is using the Referral system.

Every time a new user signs up from your referral link, you will earn 20 points.

It isn’t quite as instantaneous or lucrative as going through the advertisement cycle, but at least you won’t have to worry about removing potentially annoying site notifications from your browser.

Additionally, there is a section in your profile settings that will tell you how many users have signed up using your referral link.


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