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  Welcome to the community page for the "GovToothrot" Twitch channel.

  The channels main focus is showcasing my original music creations as well as sharing my gaming for the sake of charity.

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  I wanted to create a section here to explain a little bit about what's going on with the channel. There are several "Donation" and "Merchandise" sections where people can contribute... but I want to let you know what it is I'm working on, because there might be something in it for you as well.

  I'm trying to raise funds for the creation of a charity that raises funds for other charities in the form of financial grants to their projects.

  Many charities do very well, but their process of colleting funds often requires hiring a lot of people to collect those funds, and those employees compensation comes from the donations they generate. When a charity is accepts a grant, those funds go directly towards the project that the grant specifies.

  I've spent a great deal of time and money working out the details to put this project together, but there are forms and fees that need to be completed before I can move forward with this and your help would be greatly appreciated.

  Additionally, when everything is ready, there will be freelance opportunities available within the charity. To be notified when this point has been reached, add your name to the newsletter.

  Every penny earned through this channel, donations, or other purchase, goes directly towards this project. When the project is complete, any additional contributions will go directly into the charities funds and will be distributed to other charities in the form of grants.

  If you are unable to help, I hope you enjoy the stream. Perhaps share the material and someone down the line can help a little bit. Either way though, I will reach this goal but the contributions will just help it get there faster.

  Anyway..  Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy the show..  Rock on.


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