Points Game

homesteadunnamed Points Game

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Points Game Information:

Points are earned and spent through ordinary actions on the social network.

Small amounts of points are earned by posting comments, sharing pictures, or simply just logging in daily.

Larger amounts of points are earned by watching advertisements and referring new members to the social network.

Most activities on the site don’t cost points.

Some actions, such as posting and commenting in forums, cost only a handful of points.

Other actions, such as creating group, cost a fairly expensive amount of points.


The largest points purchase on the site is the

Creation of your own Colony!

( 25,000,000 points. )

[ Points System ]

Points for registering: 10
Points for daily visits: 1
Points for posting: 1
Points for commenting: 1 ( limit 10 per post )
Points for using the “Ads Cycle”: 25
Points for referral: 20 (per signup)
Points for creating a new Forum: -100
Points for deleting a forum: -100
Creating a new Forum Topic: -20
Replying to a Forum Topic: -10
Adding a Forum Topic as a favorite: 1
Image Upload: 1
Video Upload: 1
Music Upload: 1
Profile Activity: 1
New Profile Avatar: 1
New Friendship: 5
Profile Comments: 1
Favorite Activity: 1
New Private Message: 1
Group Creation: -5000
New Group Avatar Upload: 1
New Group Cover Upload: 1
New Group Post: 2
New Group Topic: 2
New Group Comment: 2
Joining Groups: 100

About starting your own “Colony”:

Our social networks on Static Colonies only allow a specific number of active users, but we do allow users to create and manage their own social network on the site (Colonies).

The price for groups and colonies is expensive, by we allow multiple users to combine their points to purchase these actions and define the contributors roles.

Occasionally, opportunities will be presented allowing users to spend their points on other digital items.

It is even conceivable that at some time, user created colonies may become abandoned “Ghost Towns”.. In which case, these abandoned colonies can be purchased for a significant discount.

The controlling users of a colony will have most of the same abilities as a standard site administrator such as user moderation, group creation, custom name and install path.

Some features will need approval from the site administrator though, to make sure core features are not disrupted, and to make sure that site created frameworks are acceptable to a general audience.